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A nationally certified Therapist for Massage and Bodywork and a Certified Lymphedema Therapist, trained in today’s Gold standard for the treatment of Lymphedema, Complete Decongestive Therapy.


I specialize in the edema reduction of post surgical swelling, especially after lipo or tummy tuck, and scar reduction, as well as neck and back pain.


MANUAL LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE (MLD): After cosmetic surgery or any injury such as a sprained ankle, or from disease, the lymph fluid may become stagnant and create an edema in the surrounding tissues. While this is a protective measure of our bodies to cushion the injury, the swelling may not resolve itself within a desired time frame, thus creating great discomfort and pain. 

Manual lymphatic drainage has been proven effective in my practice to relieve the symptoms of fluid in the ears, such as with Meniere's disease. In one instance the client had the feeling of fulness in the ears, along with vertigo, nausea and hearing loss. Only three 1/2 hour lessens of lymphatic drainage, combined with accu pressure and targeted reflexology almost completely eradicated the symptoms that this client had suffered for many months.


A lymphatic drainage massage manually moves the fluid buildup and directs it toward the lymph nodes, so that it can be eliminated through the body.  The result is a faster healing process and less discomfort, swelling and pain. In addition to Manual Lymph Drainage I use a special technique to address the scarring that is created by surgery or burn injuries. As an example, liposuction will create internal scarring that may leave the entire belly region more rigid than it is comfortable. A scar tissue massage softens the area and aligns the fibers, thus restoring comfort and softness. Manual lymph drainage as well as scar tissue massage should not create any discomfort when done properly. Some clients may actually fall asleep during the procedure.


Manual lymphatic drainage can be started as early as two weeks after surgery. In some cases, such as smart-lipo,  your physician may allow earlier treatment. In average between 4 and 10 sessions are needed for best results, though in many cases some relief is noticeable after the first session.


Manual lymphatic drainage is safe for pregnant women, the elderly and children.  It is often facilitated to aid the detoxification process after an illness or at times of healing and weight loss. In addition, MLD may aid in cellulite reduction. This extremely gentle technique leaves the recipient calm, rejuvenated and relaxed and is an excellent massage for people with sensitivity to pressure.


CONTRAINDICATIONS: CHF (Congestive Heart Failure), Cancer, Cellulitis and other acute infections. There may be exceptions. Please ask your doctor for a clearance to be treated with Manual lymphatic drainage massage before your appointment, if you suffer from any of these conditions.


OTHER MASSAGE MODALITIES: All massages are tailored to each client's individual needs and may include deep tissue, trigger point therapy, accupressure, and gentle stretching to restore flexibility, and reduce stiffness and pain in the muscles. I specialize in neck and back pain. My sessions will never hurt, because I don't believe in the 'No Pain No Gain' approach. Muscle tissue that has been warmed up properly by using a slowly increasing pressure will tolerate deep tissue and trigger point therapy without much discomfort.  Some clients prefer a deep tissue massage with lots of pressure from the beginning and that is ok, too. I offer a special sequence for tension headaches and also cater to the overworked and stressed out clientele who just need an hour of serenity and a gentle, swedish massage. Aromatherapy and hot towels can be incorporated with advanced notice at no additional cost.





Please arrive 10 minutes before your scheduled appointment time to fill out a client intake form, so that you can be on the table when your appointment time starts.  A late arrival may result in a shortened session so that subsequent clients can keep their scheduled appointment time without delay. Full fees are due regardless of late arrival.


Cancellation policy: Please cancel existing appointments at least 24 hours in advance to give other clients the chance to get some much needed treatment. If this policy is violated more than once, prepayment must be made before another appointment can be scheduled and the client will be charged in case of another no show without cancellation according to the policy.


With respect to the therapist a clean body without excessive perfume or aftershave is expected.


I thrive to make your appointment as comfortable as possible and encourage you as a client to immediately voice any kind of discomfort regarding positioning, temperature, pressure, lighting, music etc.


This is your special time and you should be able to enjoy it as if it was a mini vacation.



Licensed in Georgia License # MT005429. and South Carolina License # 8114 


Gift Certificates and Package Pricing is available upon request.

I'm fluent in German! Ich spreche auch fliessend Deutsch.

Ph: 706-294-4995

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